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Sachin Salvi is an award-winning consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon working in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


Offering high quality cataract surgery, cosmetic blepharoplasty, oculoplastic and lacrimal surgery in his private practice and ocular oncology and orbital surgery in his NHS practice, he is a leading expert in Ophthalmic surgery.


Photo of Sachin Salvi on grey background
Photo of Sachin Salvi head and sholders on grey background
Photo of Sachin Salvi on grey background

A renowned specialist in cataract surgery, Mr Salvi has performed over 5000 procedures. Mr Salvi specialises in the use of multifocal and toric premium intraocular lens implantation surgery to reduce dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.


Oculoplastic Surgeons are specifically trained in eyelid and eyelid plastic surgery. Mr Salvi is the only Fellowship trained Oculoplastic Surgeon who offers private surgery in the South Yorkshire region.


By focussing only on cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, rather than other sites in the body, Mr Salvi is able to deliver excellent cosmetic results in blepharoplasty patients with his niche training and experience.


With an eye for detail and his meticulous approach, he gets excellent outcomes with other non-cosmetic eyelid surgery for example mal-positioned lids (droopy upper eyelids, in-turned/out-turned lower eyelids)


In his NHS practise, he is recognised as an authority in Orbital surgery and Ocular Oncology (eye cancer) and is the Clinical lead for the Sheffield Ocular Oncology Service, Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgery Services.


“The majority of my working time is spent in the NHS. I am one of the few Ophthalmologists in the UK who deals with all forms of adult eye cancer and complex orbital surgery. This work is incredibly important to me and something I aim to continue to provide.


My private practice allows me to change people’s lives in a different way, which is why I enjoy both aspects of my practice so much.”

Graduating from the prestigious University of Pune, India in 1996, Mr Salvi has trained extensively in Ophthalmology in India, the UK and USA.


Mr Salvi has completed his Cataract Fellowship in Pune, India; Adnexal (Oculoplastics, Lacrimal and Orbital Surgery) Fellowship from the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and in addition completed his Ocular Oncology Fellowship from Cleveland Clinic, USA.


Before joining Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield in a Full time Consultant capacity in 2010, Mr Salvi worked as Consultant Ophthalmologist at Bristol Eye Hospital.


Sheffield is one of only three National Ocular Oncology Centres in England treating patients with rare eye cancers. Mr Salvi heads the service as the Clinical lead and chair. He has been part of creating the NICE accredited Uveal Melanoma National Guidelines as a core member of melanoma focus expert group. Mr Salvi is on the clinical advisory panel of OcuMel, which is the patient support group.


Mr Salvi is also the regional orbital lead for South Yorkshire. As part of this role, he has created two pioneering clinics: A joint thyroid clinic with Dr Amit Allahabadia, Consultant Endocrinologist, and orbital trauma clinic with the Mr Nicholas Lee, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital to help patient with complex Ophthalmic problems. Mr Salvi has brought innovated ideas to the Department of Ophthalmology including the CT scan guided orbital biopsies and novel surgical techniques like Salvi’s W incision for superior orbital access and optic nerve sheath fenestration. Mr Salvi is a world leading authority in orbital surgery and has inspired and trained many orbital surgeons across the globe.


Being part of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Mr Salvi is Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer to the University of Sheffield and Director of the Fellowship Programme in Ocular Oncology and Oculoplastics in Sheffield. He organised the yearly University of Sheffield Final FRCOphth Preparatory Course for 7 consecutive years, which has helped numerous trainee doctors pass the final examination before they become qualified Consultant Ophthalmologists.


Mr Salvi is a big believer in giving back and is involved in voluntary ophthalmic work in other developing nations such as Trinidad and Tobago and India. He regularly takes part in charity cataract and oculoplastic eye camps and has performed 100s of surgeries free of cost.

Further information

Private practice:

  • Cataract surgery including premium multifocal, extended range of vision, progressive range of vision and toric lenses.

  • Oculoplastic cosmetic surgery for excess baggy eyelid skin and fat prolapse in upper and lower eyelids

  • Oculoplastic surgery including ptosis repair, surgery, entropion, ectropion repair, eyelid infections, periocular lumps and bumps, eyelid cancers.

  • Lacrimal surgery for watery eyes


  • Ocular oncology: Diagnosis and management of all forms of adult eye cancers including eyelid, conjunctival, orbital cancers, and intra- ocular tumours such as uveal melanoma

  • Orbital diseases such as thyroid eye disease, orbital inflammation, benign and cancerous orbital tumours, vascular malformations, orbital floor fractures

  • Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration Surgery in patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (sight saving surgery).

Clinical Interests

  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth)

  • British Oculoplastic Surgery Society (BOPSS)

  • International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO)

  • United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (UKISCRS)

  • European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS)

  • International Member Oculoplastic Association of India (OPAI)

  • Asia-Pacific Ocular Trauma Society (APOTS)

  • General Medical Council (GMC)

  • Medical Protection Society (MPS)

  • British Medical Association (BMA)

Professional Memberships

·      National Clinical Impact Awardee 2023

·      Multiple Clinical Excellence awards in NHS practice

·      Multiple publication, poster and presentation awards

·      Multiple research grants

·      Invited keynote speaker at International and National Conferences

·      Royal College of Ophthalmologist Sub-Committee Chair

·      Member BOPSS BRAAC Committee

·      Medical advisory committee member Spire Claremont Hospital

·      Visiting Professor, Trinidad Eye Hospital

·      Distinction in Medical School


With a passion for research and development Mr Salvi has over 100 publications in highly reputable medical journals. Here is a selection:

  • Sympathetic ophthalmia after ruthenium plaque brachytherapy. Ahmed N, Soong TK, Salvi S et al Br J Ophthalmol. 2007; 91:399-401

  • Central corneal thickness changes occurring after phacoemulsification surgery. Salvi SM, BV Kumar, Soong T, Hawksworth NR JCRS 2007;33: 1426-8

  • Aging changes in the eye. Salvi SM, Akhtar S, Currie ZI. Postgrad Med J 2006;82:581-7

  • Chronic myeloid leukaemia presenting as venous stasis retinopathy. Salvi SM Eye 2005; 19:928-9

  • Use of Disposable prism tonometry in routine clinical practice. Salvi SM, Sivakumar S, Sidiki Eye 2005;19:743-6

  • Deep Dermoid Dilemmas.  Marr J, Salvi S, Choi J, Gerrard M, Currie Z. JAAPOS  2005;10(1): 76-76

  • Risk of complications of pregnancy in women with type1 Diabetes: Ophthalmic aspect. Salvi SM BMJ May 2004

  • Conference report in Refractive Eye News: Royal College of Ophthalmologists Study Day on State of the Art Refractive Cataract Surgery. Salvi SM June 2003 

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